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Planning a visit to Brazil soon? The time of year you choose to go can make or break your Brazilian adventure. See the best time to visit Brazil for the best weather, cheapest prices, and fewest crowds below.

Be aware of the worst time to visit – typically between November and December – and take our travel tips into consideration for an easy-breezy trip.

It’s all here in our quick travel guide on the best time to go! We’ll start with a few of the reasons Brazil is an amazing place to visit and why it belongs on your travel bucket list.

Why You Should Visit Brazil

With the lush, dense Amazon rainforest surrounding it, a lively, rich culture, tasty cuisine and regional flavors, and vast stretches of warm, sandy beaches, Brazil has something to offer every type of visitor. It’s one of those places everyone should visit at least once!

Unparalleled Natural Beauty

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Brazil’s natural beauty is hailed as some of the most stunning in the world. The country is home to 60% of the tropical Amazon rainforest – the world’s largest tropical rainforest – and the mighty Amazon River winds throughout.

Cascading waterfalls, protected wetlands, sand dunes, and rugged peaks add to the beauty of Brazil’s landscape. It’s an ideal place for lovers of the great outdoors.

Those who want to do a little exploration of their own through lush, remote areas filled with rare and colorful wildlife and unique plants, vines, and trees will be rewarded with incredible views that are seldom seen in person by most of the world.

Rich, Colorful Culture

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Brazil’s rich and colorful culture is another draw for tourists. Steeped in history and borrowing elements from Portuguese, African, and European culture, Brazilian culture prizes family and community, expression through dance and music, and lively celebrations filled with costumes, danceable music, delicious food, and parades.

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Brazil is the home of samba, bossa nova, and sertanejo music and traditional regional dances like samba, capoeira, and carimbo.

From the intense and rhythmic drum beats, the lively tambourine, ringing bells, and deftly-played string instruments, the music in Brazil is an open invitation to dance – and dance, they do!The country is predominantly Catholic and religion is a major cornerstone here.

From the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro to stunning cathedrals recognized and respected throughout the world, Brazil’s roots in Christianity and Catholicism run deep and there are visual reminders of it everywhere.

Delicious Flavors and Cuisine

A major part of Brazil’s culture is the tasty cuisine you’ll find here – unique and a true melting pot of flavors. Dishes vary by the region, as Brazil is a large country (the 5th largest in the world), but most dishes are spiced and colored with influences from African, Portuguese, and European gastronomy.

Popular items on Brazilian menus typically include tender barbequed and skewered meats, piled-high sandwiches, savory bean and rice dishes, fresh seafood, hearty soups and stews, breads, and deep-fried delicacies that even the pickiest travelers will relish.

Sprawling Brazilian Beaches

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Brazil is home to some of the world’s most famous and pristine beaches – another reason this country is a favorite destination for international travelers.

From Rio’s Copacabana Beach to Praia de Lopes Mendes on the small island of Ilha Grande, you’ll find some of the most stunning coastlines and spots to relax on the shore along the beautiful Brazilian beaches.

There are a few official nude beaches in Brazil – you’ll want to avoid these if you’re planning on bringing the whole fam – but for the most part, you’ll find locals and tourists donning the usual beachwear, although a little skimpier than what you’re used to seeing the states.

The warm Atlantic waters make beach days absolutely perfect during Brazil’s summer months (December-February), but relaxing on the sandy shores is still a treat year-round, even during winter (June-September).

With so many great reasons to visit, Brazil belongs on your travel itinerary – but what’s the perfect time to go? We’ll look at the overall best time to visit Brazil, the cheapest time, and the least busy time of year to go below. See the worst time to visit and helpful travel tips, too!

Overall Best Time to Visit Brazil

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  • December-March is the best time to visit Brazil
  • Summer’s warm temps, little rain, and sunny days
  • Best all around for weather, outdoor activities, and events

Summertime in the southern hemisphere — December through March — is the best time to visit Brazil overall.

This time of year, the greenery is lush and dense, the skies are sunny with little rainfall, and warm temperatures are perfect for spending time in/on the water and exploring outdoors.

Brazil is in full swing during the summer months, with Christmas, Reveillon (New Year’s Day), the famous Carnaval celebration, and Easter holiday festivities taking place this time of year.

Smaller festivals and events occur in all of Brazil’s regions during the summer months, so there’s always something to do and ways to experience the culture up-close at this time of year.

Many travelers come to Brazil with the plan on spending lots of time on the pristine beaches here. With summer’s heat rising at this time of year, beach days are a must! In Northeast Brazil, it’s pretty warm and mild year-round with temperatures in the low 80s to mid-90s (Fahrenheit).

In the Amazon rainforest, things are a little more hot and humid (as you’d expect) with temperatures closer to 100F.

Down in Rio de Janeiro, summer temperatures swell to 100F+ with high humidity – just another reason to take a dip in the ocean – and it’s noticeably cooler in higher-elevation São Paulo and further south.

While the temperatures can rise beyond warm and into the hot and muggy zone in parts of Brazil during the summer, it’s undeniably the best time of year to go.

Note that others have gotten the memo, too and you’ll deal with larger crowds as tourists come pouring in at the start of summer. Prices can increase on flights and hotels as travelers arrive in droves, so book early for the best availability and deals.

Cheapest Time to Visit Brazil

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  • June-August is the cheapest time to visit
  • Winter months with mild temps in the 50s-60s
  • Rock bottom pricing on flights + hotels

The best time to visit Brazil on a budget is from June to August, which is winter in Brazil. While it’s wintertime, the temperatures are very mild thanks to the tropical and subtropical climates here.

This is when you’ll find the lowest prices on flights into Brazil and hotel rooms as fewer events are going on and tourism takes a serious dip. You won’t deal with the typical winter weather while in Brazil.

Instead of frigid temps with snow and ice, you’ll find that much of Brazil hovers around a comfortable range between the mid-50s and mid-60s at this time of year. That’s perfect for spending time outdoors, exploring the Amazon, or making your way through Brazil’s famous cities.

There’s an increase in rainfall in parts of Brazil at this time of year, which makes keeping up with the daily weather forecast essential if you plan to spend time outdoors.

Rains tend to occur in the afternoon and are typically short-lived. The rain keeps things cool without being too chilly, though it’s wise to bring light jackets and layers to bundle up in on colder days or on chilly nights.

It’s the start of dry season in the Amazon and Pantanal wetlands, so this is the perfect time of year to score cheap deals if you’re out for a true Brazilian adventure!

Least Busy Time to Visit Brazil

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  • August-October is the least busy time to visit
  • Off-season with fewer tourists and lower pricing
  • Dry, warm weather in most of the country

The best time to visit Brazil without large crowds is from August to October, which is the main off-season for tourism here.

Winter is giving way to spring and the mild temperatures in the mid-60s to low 80s make things comfortable for outdoor activities. This makes it an ideal time to go without the hassle of huge crowds, long lines, and increased wait times for restaurants and activities.

It’s mostly dry with little rainfall and you’ll see sunny skies at this time of year. This is the period of calm before tourists begin to descend on Brazil in the summer months from December to March, so you’ll be one of few tourists arriving during this time.

This is the perfect time of year to go for a relaxing vacation and spending time on nearly-empty beaches!With fewer tourists in the country during Brazilian spring, you’ll have your pick of hotels and lots of availability for flights.

You’ll be able to uncover excellent deals on hotels and vacation packages during the spring, especially if you book early.

Last-minute booking is possible during the off-season because hotels and flights are trying to book up empty seats and rooms. Airlines and hotels will often offer special deals for last-minute travelers!

Worst Time to Visit Brazil

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  • November-December may be the worst time to visit
  • Rainiest and most expensive months to go
  • Highest humidity, making conditions muggy

There’s really no bad time to visit Brazil, but if we had to point out the worst months to go, it would be November and December.

November is typically the rainiest month of the year in most parts of Brazil. December is the most expensive time to go as the summer season officially kicks off.There are pros and cons to going during November and December – it’s not all bad.

There are lots of events and festivities going on at this time of year, mostly in December. November is a good time to visit southern Brazil, where the weather is warm and comfortable without breaching into the hot zone.

It’s not a good time to visit the Amazon or the Pantanal wetlands as this is a very rainy period. Once December arrives, the number of tourists increases drastically and prices jump on flights and hotels in the most popular tourist areas.

Temperatures rise throughout the country into the 80s and 90s (as high as 100F) during December, so it’s great for going to the beach, but not so much for spending long periods of time outdoors on dry land.

More Things to Consider

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You know the best time to visit Brazil, but what else should you consider before you plan your stay? Here are the most helpful travel tips to keep in mind for your upcoming Brazilian adventure:

  • Portuguese is the official language. Since Portuguese is Brazil’s official language, you won’t find many locals that speak English around the country. Many Brazilians are bi- or multilingual, but the more common languages are Italian, German, and Japanese. Learn key Portuguese phrases and words before visiting and make use of translation apps to communicate easily with hotel and restaurant staff and locals while you’re visiting.
  • Choose the right region to visit. Brazil is a large country, so you’ll need to narrow down the best region to visit for your specific trip goals. Are you looking to explore the dense Amazon rainforest and Pantanal wetlands? Are you looking for the classic Carnaval experience in Rio de Janeiro? Maybe you’re looking forward to spending uninterrupted time on the tropical beaches in the north. Think about your goals for the trip to decide which Brazilian region is best to visit.
  • Pack according to the season. Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, so the seasons are exactly the opposite of the northern hemisphere. Summer is mid-December-March, fall is April-June, winter is July-September, and spring is October-mid-December. Keep this in mind as you pack for your trip, ensuring you’ve got plenty of sunscreen, bug spray, and lightweight, breathable clothing for spring and summer months. Lightweight rain gear is a good idea from October-April, when most of the country’s rainfall occurs. Pack light layers and a jacket for winter and fall months, especially down south where it gets a little cooler at night.
  • U.S. citizens need a passport, but not a visa. If you’re visiting Brazil as a U.S. citizen, you won’t need a visa – just a valid passport. Other countries may require a visa for entry to Brazil, so make sure to check the requirements before you plan your visit.
  • Don’t explore the Amazon without a guide. The Amazon rainforest is an incredible sight and draws millions of visitors to Brazil each year, but it can also be very dangerous. Don’t explore without a knowledgeable guide! There are tons of options for guided tours, from Amazon River cruises and tours to rainforest tours through the dense greenery. Choose from cheaper half-day or one-day tours, or make it the centerpiece of your trip by opting for longer guided tours into the more remote parts of the forest.

So, What’s the Best Time to Visit Brazil?

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Overall, the best time to visit Brazil is during the summer, from December through March. This is when the weather is warmest, the festivities reach their peak, and fun activities are around every corner.

From touring the Amazon to lying serenely on one of Brazil’s pristine beaches, the summer months are ideal for your Brazilian trip.

The best time to visit Brazil on a budget is during the winter, from June to August. Temperatures are cooler in the 50s-60s, but far from frigid. You’ll get the lowest prices on flights and hotels by visiting during the winter months, when Brazil’s tourism dips and there’s less demand overall.

The best time to visit Brazil without big crowds is during the spring, generally from August to October. There are fun festivities (like Oktoberfest) happening at this time of year, and the weather is mild and warm.

Expect temperatures from the mid-60s to the low 80s at this time of year with little rainfall – perfect for outdoor adventures! If there’s one period we don’t recommend visiting Brazil, it’s from November to December.

November is the wettest month for most of the country and December is when summertime prices surge, making flights and hotels the most expensive of the year.

There are lots of events and festivals taking place in December, from Christmas celebrations to Reveillon (New Year’s Eve/Day), but you’ll pay more to visit at this time of year and it’s quite muggy and hot.

Brazil is one of our favorite places to visit in South America, but it’s not the only option if you’re looking for a fun vacation in the southern hemisphere. Check out The Best Time to Visit Argentina in 2022 next to see if rugged, beautiful Argentina is more your speed!

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