New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (2022)

We just passed the peak of the annual Perseid meteor shower, and here in New England, the weather cooperated for some fantastic late-summer stargazing. It had been hot and humid for weeks, but cooler, drier air arrived just in time to clear the skies for the streaking space rocks. By the following morning, many lakes around the region were covered in a cool mist — another sign of the approaching change in seasons.

Our recent swings in temperature underscore the dramatic differences between this summer and last. When we published the 2021 fall foliage forecast, New England was coming off its wettest summer month on record; this year, however, drought dominates the headlines.

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (1)

Mist rises from a New England pond after a night of stargazing.

Jim Salge

Just as weather patterns change from year to year, so does the fall foliage. While there’s always a beautiful color show in New England, it may come early one year, and very late the next. Sometimes it’s dominated by orange and yellow, sometimes it’s overwhelmingly red; the palate can be muted, or super-bright. How it plays out is a complex phenomenon, with many factors at work (and often in opposition to each other). Overall, though, we know that New England’s weather can be counted on to bring about beautiful fall colors.

So, what will this year look like?

New England Fall Foliage 2022 | Influences

Weather & Climate

The first key ingredient in the development of the fall foliage season is how weather has affected forest health. Drought is being reported across New England, but what matters here is where the drought is and how it developed.

Snowpack was slow to build last winter, and over the course of the season it never really established itself outside northern New England. Deep snow was restricted to the Crown of Maine, the White Mountains, and northern Vermont, and when the calendar flipped to spring, snow remained only in those places. Without significant snowmelt, soils in southern New England dried quickly in the spring.

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (2)

Snowpack was slow to develop in New England this winter, and was largely melted out by Mid-March.

(Video) New England's foliage forecast for Fall 2022

Compounding the situation, rainfall was scarce in southern New England throughout the spring months. Then there was a significant heat wave across the region in mid-May, just as the trees were putting out their leaves. That really left the plants parched, especially in more southerly areas. And while subsequent rainfall across northern New England has stabilized the stress there, southern areas continue to decline.

Drought has reached extreme levels in parts of Rhode Island and in eastern Massachusetts (Boston, for example, has had only 4.5 inches of rainfall since the start of May; there’s been less than an inch recorded since July began). In these areas, trees are showing significant signs of stress, including some early turning and browning leaves.

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (3)

Severe and extreme drought have developed along coastal New England, but is less impactful inland.

By contrast, in northern New England the drought level is listed as only “abnormally dry,” and the forests are showing better overall health. Since the start of May, there’s been nearly 10 inches of rain in Concord, New Hampshire, and more than 13 inches in Burlington, Vermont. Given this, we expect less drought-related impact on fall foliage the farther north and the farther inland you go.


Bugs and Fungi

The insect formerly known as the gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) got a new common name this year — the spongy moth — and it seems that the whole species came out to celebrate. For the second year in a row, these caterpillars caused significant defoliation in mixed oak forests in the foothills of many New England mountain ranges. The lack of rainfall this spring was a major factor, as the fungus that serves as a biological control for this invasive insect doesn’t set up as well in drier years.

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (4)

The eastern Kancamagus Highway near Lower Falls in early August, 2022. The thin canopy of small leaves make it look like May!

Jim Salge

(Video) Interactive New England Foliage Forecast Map

Some observers are saying the spongy moth outbreak is the worst they’ve seen in a long time, but the numbers show that this year’s damage is actually a little less substantial than last year’s — though it’s hard to argue with anyone whose neighborhood has lost all its greenery. The hardest-hit areas seem to be in the eastern White Mountains in New Hampshire and Maine, the Champlain Valley in Vermont, and the southern Berkshires in Massachusetts, as well as around the Quabbin Reservoir. Here, as trees struggle to put out a second growth of leaves in the midst of a drought, large swaths of the forest canopy look like early May: small leaves and thin cover.

Oaks are facing another insect threat, as the beetle known as a twig pruner is out in large numbers this year as well. This species is native and typically doesn’t hurt the tree, but it does kill the tips of otherwise healthy branches, leading to unsightly spots of dead leaves against the otherwise green canopy. It’s something that, if you look for it, you’ll definitely notice in the lead-up to foliage season.

And we’re always on the lookout for leaf fungus, such as anthracnose, that can mute the fall display. But this year, a rapid leaf-out in May’s sudden heat followed by scant rain has largely eliminated this threat, except in parts of Vermont and in northern Maine. Even there, leaf fungus is expected to have only a small effect, unless it really turns rainy in September.

Flowers and Seeds

Trees spend such a significant portion of their energy putting out flowers and seeds (aka mast) that they don’t produce heavy crops every year. But when they do, it can lessen the foliage display — and since the phenomenon happens with surprising synchronicity across species, the forest canopy can be impacted region-wide. This is the second year in a row in which none of the primary foliage trees have produced heavy seed crops. White oaks seem to be carrying the heaviest load of acorns, whereas the other oaks, maples, and hickory are generally having normal to light years. Overall, mast is expected to have a minimal impact on foliage this year.

New England Fall Foliage 2022 | Long-Range Outlook

Even with a good setup in New England this year, the best fall color will happen only if the autumn weather cooperates. Bright hues are brought out by warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights — a combination that not only accelerates the demise of green chlorophyll, but also kick-starts the formation of red color pigments (which are produced only in autumn, as a sort of sunscreen for leaves).

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (6)

Warm sunny days and cool crisp nights bring out the best fall colors in New England.

Jim Salge

(Video) When is peak fall foliage in New England?

For the third year in a row, La Niña will be the dominant factor in New England’s fall weather. In this weather pattern, a cold pool of water in the Pacific Ocean delivers a more active northern jet stream to the Northeast; this can bring changeable weather to New England, trending generally warm and wet. While that would tend to push foliage later across most of the region, it could also provide opportunities for strong cold fronts to clear things out, especially in the far north of New England. Patterns are rarely stagnant in La Niña years.

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (7)

Above normal temperatures and rainfall are expected in the La Nina pattern this fall.

Climate Prediction Center

One thing to watch is the increase in tropical activity that often accompanies La Niña. We saw this last year with Hurricane Henri in Rhode Island, and the forecasts are calling for above-normal activity again this year. Given that the most likely areas of impact are also those with the most significant drought, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this before issuing our September update.

New England Fall Foliage 2022 | The Official Forecast

We see a forest that is healthy in the far north but increasingly stressed by heat and drought in the south and near the coast. We see a significant impact by spongy moths in lower and middle elevations, and especially in mixed oak forests, but less so in the higher areas. We see a long-range outlook that trends toward warm and wet but with a chance of early cool snaps along the Canadian border.

Given all that, we feel that the foliage will be on time across far northern New England, but it will trend later than normal the farther south you go. The wave of peak color will start in late September as usual; after that, its southerly progression may slow or stall, leading to foliage color lingering into November in southern New England.

Where the drought has had less impact — especially in the White Mountains, the Green Mountains, and the mountains of western Maine — we should see typical foliage conditions, which is to say the colors should be spectacular. Outside those areas, drought becomes the dominant factor: With warm, sunny days, it can bring about a brief, bright punch of color (reds can be especially bright in drought years), but if it stays too warm and too dry for too long, we’ll see browning and early leaf drop. Some tropical rainfall could be very welcome this fall, as long as it doesn’t come with hurricane winds.

(Video) Fall foliage, holiday weekend brings crush of visitors to New England

New England Fall Foliage | 2022 Forecast (9)

Northern New England, Especially the Green and White Mountains, should have a great season for fall foliage in 2022.

Jim Salge

Yet we think the biggest factor that may affect leaf peeping in New England this fall isn’t the drought, or the spongy moth, but the backyard effect.” In the ski industry, this describes what happens when there’s no snow in the cities and urban centers, and people forget how great the skiing could be in the mountains. Given the drought-stressed trees and browning lawns in New England’s population centers, we’re worried that people may not be willing to travel to see what should be a great show this year.

Therefore, our advice: Don’t cancel your foliage travel plans, be willing to explore, and hope for rain!

2022 Fall Foliage Planning | What’s Next?

Hoping to make the most of foliage season this year? We’re here to help you plan your visit and keep up with the changing colors. Check out our peak foliage map, plan a perfectfall road trip, and stay tuned for weekly “where to see peak foliage now” posts starting next month.

Things to look for in our September update:

  • Will the drought continue, worsen, or let up?
  • Will the tropics become more active in steering storms over New England?
  • Will we see an early frost in the far north to kick-start the colors there?

We’ll let you know — and we can’t wait to share the season with you!

Beyond New England | National Foliage Predictions

Mid-Atlantic and New York

While New England is seeing significant drought, New York state and the Mid-Atlantic region have experienced normal (or at least timely) rainfall, and a strong foliage season is anticipated. This is especially true for the Adirondacks, which have the greatest chance of early cold snaps brought on by La Niña, but a bright show is also expected for the Catskills, as well as the highlands of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


Drought has not been a concern in the southern Appalachians, where autumn colors come later. From Virginia to Georgia, temperatures have been above normal in the higher elevations from late spring through summer, and they are expected to stay that way into fall. Expect a bright show, with peak colors perhaps a bit later than the historical average.

Upper Midwest

The Great Lakes region has little drought, and the spring and summer setup has been good for forest health. Foliage should be bright and on time this season, and possibly a little early across the northern tier if an active jet stream ushers a cold snap. A visit to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or northern Minnesota is our pick for the region this year.

Mountain West

Much of the Mountain West is hot and dry, which should make the foliage display early and brief. Colorado has areas with less drought, however, and once again it is our pick for the region. Go in September to see the golden aspens draped over the mountainsides.

(Video) Foliage forecast: Weekly tips for finding the best fall colors in New England

Pacific Northwest

After the extreme heat wave of 2021, the Pacific Northwest’s weather returned to something more like normal this year. It should be a great season for the larches, a deciduous conifer tree common in the eastern Cascade Mountains, just west of the high deserts; look for larch colors in early October.


Why are the leaves changing color so early 2022? ›

Experts say during a drier season, leaves tend to turn colors earlier and will end the process quicker than in years with more precipitation.

Why are the leaves already falling 2022? ›

Areas where warm temperatures persist can see fall colors arrive later than normal, especially if they've had near-average amounts of rainfall. And right now, the U.S. is coming off its third-hottest summer on record, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Dry conditions are another factor.

Are the colors changing in New England yet? ›

Yes, things are looking to be on schedule in the north. Look for the first peak colors to show up in the far north during the last week of September, and then drape over the mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine during the first and into the second week of October.

Are leaves turning in New England yet? ›

Northern Maine should reach peak color the last week of September into the first week of October, while the central and western mountains of Maine should peak the second and third week of October, and the coastal and southern regions of Maine in mid October, she said.

What is the IT color for fall 2022? ›

The color trends range from bright colors like illuminating yellow and bright red to neutral hues like beige and gray. The must-have nuance will be green in the bright and lush “lawn” variant and in the more sober and refined “olive” shade.

Where is the foliage peaking in New England? ›

Peak fall foliage is expected to hit the northern region of New England in Maine and upper parts of New Hampshire and Vermont in late September and last through part of October.

Are the leaves changing in the Northeast? ›

Typically, leaves first begin to change color in the northern parts of Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire around mid-to-late September. In these states the vibrancy of the leaf colors usually peak around the middle of October. In the lower northeast, foliage changes later and can last up until November.

Is there a next fall 2022? ›

When does fall officially begin? Astronomical fall began at 9:04 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 22, 2022, in the Northern Hemisphere, according to AccuWeather. This time also marks the beginning of spring the Southern Hemisphere.

Are the trees turning in New England? ›

Fall colors in Ashland, Massachusetts, in late September 2022. Trees are beginning to change color across New England as fall arrives, and, at least so far, the drought appears not to be affecting the foliage.

Are the leaves changing in Maine right now? ›

Typically, Maine begins to see leaf changes around the end of September and into early October in the north. Then, the rest of the state can watch the colors emerge through mid to late October.

Are the leaves changing in Rhode Island? ›

While the timing is slightly different every year, Rhode Island sees its best fall color, moving from north to south, starting in early October and extending through late October.

Why are leaves not falling yet? ›

Why Won't the Leaves Leave my Tree? There are a few instances where trees hold onto some (or even most) of their leaves throughout at least part of the winter. Usually, this is because the abscission cells don't form before the weather turns from autumn into winter.

Why have the leaves not changed yet? ›

Warmer temperatures may be delaying the onset of color changes, but since light levels are not changing from year to year, the trees shed their leaves around the same time every year. The period in between is shortened due to the warming temperatures.

Are leaves changing color yet? ›

Leaves can change their color from as early as mid-September all the way through early November. Typically, the second and third week of October are the peak times, but it shifts depending on where you live and your local weather conditions.

What styles are trending for fall 2022? ›

9 Top Style Updates for Fall
  • Wider, looser jeans.
  • Loafers with attitude.
  • A wear-with-boots dress.
  • A leather or suede skirt.
  • A blue sweater.
  • A chic shirt-jacket.
  • A leggings replacement.
  • Real pants.
8 Sept 2022

What will be trending in the Fall 2022? ›

The biggest fall 2022 trends have much to offer as we move from sundresses and ballet flats in favor of chunky loafers, coats, and cozy layers. From preppy wares to workwear-inspired standouts, there is something to satisfy all tastes and shopping impulses.

What are the fall trends for 2022? ›

The Fall/Winter 2022 Trends Vogue Editors Are Shopping Now
  • Tailoring. Christopher John Rogers oversized single-breasted blazer. ...
  • Biker Boots. Rag & Bone moto boot. ...
  • Bright Knits. Gabriela Hearst Lawrence cashmere sweater. ...
  • Perfect Pea Coats. ...
  • Winter Color Blocking. ...
  • Sheer Dressing. ...
  • Dip a Toe in Sparkle. ...
  • Floor Length Skirts.
17 Nov 2022

Are the leaves changing in Massachusetts? ›

Leaf Peeping season starts around October 1st and peak color often coincides with Columbus Day.

Are the leaves changing at Chimney Rock? ›

October 30-November 6: The end of the 2022 leaf season will reach its peak in the remaining elevations including Chimney Rock, Lake Lure and the lower elevation mountains. Lake Chatuge in Haysville or a trip on the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad will offer a final chance to enjoy the autumn hues of fall.

Where is the best fall foliage on the East Coast? ›

Leaf Peeping: 10 Best Places For Fall Foliage On The East Coast
  • 8/10 Woodstock, Vermont.
  • 7/10 Boston, Massachusetts.
  • 6/10 Acadia National Park, Maine.
  • 5/10 North Conway, New Hampshire.
  • 4/10 Asheville, North Carolina.
  • 3/10 Old Lyme, Connecticut.
  • 2/10 Bristol, Rhode Island.
  • 1/10 Portland, Maine.
8 Sept 2022

Are the leaves changing color in Massachusetts? ›

While the timing is slightly different every year, Massachusetts sees its best fall color, moving from north to south, starting in mid-to-late September and extending through mid-October.

Are the leaves changing in Vermont now? ›

Color change begins in mid-September and runs through the first two to three weeks in October and varies by elevation, progressing from north to south and higher to lower elevations during the course of the season.

Are leaves changing in Vermont yet? ›

The best time to see foliage is typically between mid-September and late October, though there is no "perfect" time for viewing the colors. While foliage season typically runs between mid-September and late October, it can be difficult to determine when the best mountainside views will occur.

What state has the longest fall foliage season? ›

Connecticut boasts the longest-lasting fall foliage season.

Connecticut may be the third-smallest state in the US by square miles, but it's the state with the longest-lasting fall foliage season, making for captivating views at just about every corner.

Where is peak foliage in the Northeast? ›

As you might expect, the leaves change colors earlier in colder climates and in the mountains. If you're looking to head to New England in late September, aim for the northern reaches of the area for the best fall foliage. The colors really pop in late September in Burlington, Vermont, and the surrounding area.

What state is always like fall? ›

Alaska is the most northern state so it makes sense that its climate, while frigid during the winter, would be warm and temperate throughout the rest of the year. For those really seeking those autumn vibes in the middle of the summer, this is the perfect city to which to plan a trip. Alaska… you are beautiful.

Is autumn 2022 the same as fall 2022? ›

The fall equinox arrives on Thursday, September 22, 2022, at 9:04 P.M. EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. The equinox occurs at the same moment worldwide.
Autumnal Equinox Dates.
YearAutumnal Equinox (Northern Hemisphere)Autumnal Equinox (Southern Hemisphere)
2022Thursday, September 22Sunday, March 20
3 more rows

Is September 2022 the fall? ›

When is the first day of fall in 2022? In 2022, the first day of fall is on Thursday, September 22.

Which month in 2022 is the autumn? ›

This year autumn begins on 23 September 2022 and ends on 21 December 2022. The astronomical calendar determines the seasons due to the 23.5 degrees of tilt of the Earth's rotational axis in relation to its orbit around the Sun. Both equinoxes and solstices are related to the Earth's orbit around the Sun.

Will the drought affect fall colors? ›

Severe drought during the growing season usually makes tree leaves change color earlier and the color lasts for a shorter period. Some trees respond to drought stress by skipping the fall color change altogether; leaves just turn brown and fall off quickly.

Are the leaves changing in New Hampshire? ›

New Hampshire delivers colorful fall foliage at the earlier end of the September-to-October range. In the White Mountains, take a scenic drive along the Kancamagus Highway (Route 112), between North Conway and Lincoln.

Where is the peak foliage in Massachusetts? ›

Massachusetts's Central and Berkshire Mountains regions have lofty peaks and gorgeous river valleys that are ideal for seeing the leaves change color during fall foliage season.

Where is the best foliage in Maine right now? ›

Viewing spots in Maine foliage zones
  • Zone 1: Camden Hills State Park in Camden.
  • Zone 2: Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor.
  • Zone 3: Chick Hill in Clifton, Peaks-Kenny State Park in Dover-Foxcroft.
  • Zone 4: Baxter State Park in Millinocket.
  • Zone 5: Grafton Notch State Park in Newry, Mt.
14 Sept 2022

Are the leaves changing in Acadia National Park? ›

The best time to experience Acadia's autumnal wonders is mid-October. The hardwood trees typically start to change color in September but will reach their peak a few weeks later. Check out the annual leaf peeping maps for Maine to find out exactly when certain areas will peak.

Where is the best fall foliage in Maine? ›

10 Best Places for Fall Foliage in Maine
  • Acadia National Park. Credit: Wei Zeng via ...
  • Schoodic National Scenic Byway. ...
  • Blackwoods Scenic Byway. ...
  • Fish River National Scenic Byway. ...
  • Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway. ...
  • Katahdin Woods and Waters National Scenic Byway. ...
  • Moosehead Lake Scenic Byway. ...
  • Grafton Notch State Park.

Is New Hampshire or Vermont better for fall foliage? ›

While foliage drives in NH usually involve dense tree-laden routes with occasional glimpses of lakes and rugged mountains, drives in VT offer more consistent vistas over sweeping farmland and rolling hills.

Are the leaves turning in the Smoky mountains? ›

The fall color display usually reaches peak at mid and lower elevations between mid-October and early November. This is the park's most spectacular display as it includes such colorful trees as sugar maple, scarlet oak, sweetgum, red maple, and the hickories.

Are leaves still on trees in November? ›

If the tree receives excess nitrogen too late in the growing season, it tends to focus its energy on tender new growth. In the fall, it won't be able to harden up as quickly as it normally would, so it remains green and tender, holding onto its leaves late in the fall.

Does temperature affect leaves falling? ›

Trees use temperature only as a secondary cue; if the fall is cool they hasten the development of their fall color, while if it is warm, they procrastinate and delay it. If global warming results in warmer fall temperatures, either during the day or night, this would tend to delay fall colors to later in the season.

Why are the leaves still green in October? ›

Warmer temperatures in September and October reduce anthocyanin production in leaves, which could mean that fall colors would become less brilliantly red or purple,” said Susanne S. Renner, honorary professor of biology in Arts & Sciences.

What temperature do leaves start to change? ›

A combination of temperatures between 32-45 degrees F at night and bright sunny days are peak conditions for trapping sugars in leaves, allowing anthocyanins to develop and enhance color.

Does drought make leaves change color? ›

“In general, moderate heat and drought can move leaf senescence (leaf drying up and dropping),” Andy Finton, a conservation ecologist at the Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts, wrote in an email. He said the fall colors are likely to feature more yellows and browns in these drought-stricken areas.

Why did the last leaf not fall the next day? ›

Answer: the last leaf does not fall because it has already Fallen on that night but this was drawn by behrman again on that night as if it was really a leaf .......for more you can read more and more re read the chap to understand.

What date are all leaves down? ›

Oct. 15-31

Why are the fall leaves more colorful this year? ›

The amount of rain greatly influences how vibrant our fall color turns out each year. But it's not the rain trend we are seeing currently but instead the rain trends of the summer. After wet summers, trees are at their healthiest and it gives leaves a better setup for good fall color.

Why are the leaves turning colors so early? ›

That means that a tree changing much earlier than those around it is breaking down chlorophyll faster than it is being manufactured. This is commonly a sign that the tree is under stress. This could be related to moisture stress (too much OR too little water), root damage, or the presence of insects/disease.

Why are the leaves already changing color? ›

Chlorophyll Breaks Down

But in the fall, because of changes in the length of daylight and changes in temperature, the leaves stop their food-making process. The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor.

Why are the leaves changing color this year? ›

As sunlight decreases and cold increases, tree growth slows and and the production of green chlorophyll in their leaves begins to slow, revealing fall leaves' brilliant yellow, orange, and red.

Why are the leaves so colorful this year? ›

Temperature and moisture are the main influences. A succession of warm, sunny days and cool, crisp but not freezing nights seems to bring about the most spectacular color displays.

Why do leaves not change color in Texas? ›

Texas A & M Forest Service states, “A summer without significant rain could lead to autumn without significant fall colors. Despite some late summer rain, much of Texas remains abnormally dry or in some stage of drought, and trees across the state are continuing to show signs of stress.”

What temperature makes leaves change color? ›

A combination of temperatures between 32-45 degrees F at night and bright sunny days are peak conditions for trapping sugars in leaves, allowing anthocyanins to develop and enhance color.

What trees are the first to change color? ›

In a typical year, the first trees to change colors are maples and sugar maples which give us oranges and yellows, and of course the red maples. Later in the season, the oaks and hickories change.

Does drought affect fall colors? ›

If temperatures are warm and the ground stays moist from rainfall – indicators that winter is still a ways off – leaves will change color later in the season. This year is the opposite. Trees are undergoing leaf senescence and color changes earlier than normal because the plants aren't getting enough water.

What's the first day of fall 2022? ›

When does fall officially begin? Astronomical fall began at 9:04 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 22, 2022, in the Northern Hemisphere, according to AccuWeather. This time also marks the beginning of spring the Southern Hemisphere.

Does warm weather delay fall colors? ›

Warmer falls reduce the brilliance of red and yellow leaf colors, but brilliance is hard to quantify in long time series for many species. Also, many species simply do not turn red or yellow.

What are the new colors for fall? ›

Look up at the changing foliage for rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Take a trip to the pumpkin farm or apple orchard for quiet yet lively shades of green (one of the top fall colors for 2022, by the way). Even blue takes on its own personality come fall, with moody gray-blues hinting at the winter ahead.

Is GREY a fall color? ›

Grey: Grey is a great soft neutral perfect for cooler weather. From slouchy grey sweaters to grey skinny jeans, grey adds a mature hue to any fall wardrobe. Red and Burgundy: From Thanksgiving dinner to fall trips to the apple orchard……. shades of red and burgundy are the perfect festive fall colors.

Why are the autumn colours so good this year? ›

"It has (been) probably the best in some years," he said in an interview. Lower temperatures — but not frost — combined with sufficient rainfall typically bring vibrant fall colours, whereas drier and armer weather results in dull colours, he said.


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