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Make money on the fall: why do you need short trades

In the financial world, there is a wide range of strategies that allow investors to profit at different stages of the market cycle. One such tool is a short trade, which allows you to make money from a fall in the value of an asset. But what is it and how does it work?

What is a short trade?

Short trade (or short sale) — is a process in which an investor borrows shares or other assets and immediately sells them, expecting their price to fall in the future. The investor later buys these assets back at a lower price and returns them to the original owner, while receiving the difference in value as a profit.

Why do investors use short trades?

Portfolio diversification. Short trades allow investors to protect their portfolios from potential losses in a declining market.
Speculative OpportunitiesSome traders actively use short selling to make quick profits in markets with high volatility.< /p>

Hedging Shorting can serve as a hedging tool for investors who have long positions in other assets.

Risks of short transactions

Unlimited losses. Unlike buying a stock, where the potential loss is limited to the initial investment, losses from shorting trades can theoretically be unlimited.
Short squeeze. If many investors are betting on the same asset to fall, a sharp increase in price can cause a “short squeeze” — panic buying of assets to close short positions, which, in turn, can further increase price growth.

Ethical considerations

Some critics believe that short trades contribute to market instability and can be used for manipulation. However, many argue that shorting is a legitimate market tool that can help identify overvalued assets and provide liquidity.


Short trades — This is a complex and risky instrument that requires the investor to have deep knowledge of the market. When used correctly, they can be an effective tool for protecting and growing capital, but they also carry potential dangers. As with any investment strategy, it is important to carefully weigh the risks and opportunities.